Our home build had to move house footings, any issues with this?

Answered by Brett ~ January 8, 2011 ~ Comments

Footings for my new house were put and set back too far on my lot by 7 ft. The builder, 5 days later, extended the front of the house footings and brought the back of the house footings into the layout of the first pour and left first poor in place. Will this be a problem?

John ~ Boston, Massachusetts

Brett Kulina

John, although the portion of the unused footing that sits under your house may not cause you a problem, the portion that sits outside of your house's foundation could get in the way of future landscaping or hard scape installation. Yet, if the back-fill around your home's foundation is going to cover up the unused footing with several feet of soil, then perhaps none of it will be a problem?

What is a problem however, is your contractor deciding to build your new house in the wrong location! When building a house, the foundation is what gets the project started right, which is why most contractors spend extra time to make sure the foundation is poured level and square(and in the right place). Mistakes made in the foundation have a way of causing problems later on in the construction process, and you need to seriously evaluate why this mistake happened and decide if it's indicative of more contractor problems to come. Although mistakes happen, and we've all made then, this was a major mistake, and your builder needs to explain his actions. Good luck with it...

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