What Should Be the Order of My Installations for a Bathroom Remodel?

Answered by Brett ~ September 7, 2011 ~ No Comments

My husband and I completely tore out our current bathroom down to the studs. As we work on the remodel, should we install the floors first, sheetrock the walls first, or install some of the other elements?

Sarah B. ~ Lewiston, ID

Brett Kulina

Sarah, when you and your husband are remodeling your home's bathroom, here is one possible work sequence for you to follow:

1) Hire a licensed plumber to install all of the rough plumbing needed for your new bathroom. Now is the time to select your new tub, shower, toilet, and sink so that the plumber can accurately rough-in the needed water supply lines and waste/vent pipes. You do not have to purchase everything right now, but you do need accurate spec sheets from the manufacturers so that the plumber has detailed measurements and drawings for the entire bathroom layout.

2)Hire a licensed electrician to install all of the rough wiring needed for your bathroom. Don't forget to also install a power supply and the needed duct work for a bathroom exhaust fan.

3)Install wood blocking between the wall studs to provide sturdy backing for towel bars, shelving, and/or grab bars. Make a note (or take a photo) of where the backing is located so that you remember where to install the hardware once the walls have been finished.

4)Some tubs and most shower stall units need to be installed before the sheet rock is hung, so determine if the model that you have selected needs to be installed before or after the sheet rock.

5)Hang the sheet rock, then tape, texture, and paint.

6)Tile the floors, making sure to first install the appropriate cement backer board for the tile which you have selected. After the tile is installed, you can grout and seal it according to the manufacturer's specifications.

7)Once you position and install the bathroom vanity, then you are ready have the plumber and electrician return to the job so they can complete the plumbing and electrical finishes.

It may take at least two weeks to complete the job, so be prepared to make due without your bathroom for a while. Also, because of the limited room available to work in a small bathroom, you should plan on only one contractor working at any given time.

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