Options for updating our 1950's bathroom?

Answered by Brett ~ October 29, 2010 ~ Comments

We just want it very low maintenance and to look presentable. Should we take down all the tile on walls and floor, or should we just take down the bathtub tiles and put something that is less maintenance than grout and tile? What are some low maintenance options?

Lori ~ Newark, New Jersey

Brett Kulina

Lori, if you are remodeling your home's bathroom and want a low-maintenance alternative to grouted tile, then I would suggest painted walls and a fiberglass tub surround or shower insert. These types of surfaces are easy to keep clean, as they only require an occasional wipe down with a sponge and some spray cleaner. Keep in mind that a wall paint with a semi-gloss or glossy sheen will be easier to keep clean, and may hold up better in a bathroom, than those paints that have a flat sheen. When installing a fiberglass shower insert, you may not be able to get a 1-piece unit through the door of your bathroom, in which case you will need to purchase a 3-piece unit, which is specifically designed for remodeling projects. Good luck with your remodel!

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