Options for covering stained concrete floors

Answered by Jeffrey ~ January 20, 2012 ~ Comments

The stained concrete floors in my house did not finish like I expected and I'm going to replace them. What are some flooring options that can be laid right over the concrete?

Mac M. ~ Oklahoma

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Mac. I'm not sure where in your home the stained concrete floors are located, but there are flooring products that can be installed directly over the concrete regardless of where they may be. The stained concrete products I have used in the past have the stain added directly to the mix so you basically end up with standard concrete that has a tint. If you applied a product to your concrete after the pour so that just the surface is stained or coated, there is a possibility you may have to be selective about the type of adhesive used for your new flooring. The label on the adhesive container should spell out whether the product can be used on your type of stain.

As far as the type of floors you can install, engineered wood flooring, carpeting, laminate flooring, ceramic tile, and vinyl can all be installed over concrete. Many types of carpeting and laminate flooring don't require an adhesive so the type of stain you used shouldn't be an issue. The same should be true with many varieties of ceramic tile. One issue that should be kept in mind is that a flooring installation over concrete often requires some sort of moisture barrier to prevent any under-slab water from coming through and possibly damaging your floors.

If the floors in question are in your garage, you might want to consider an epoxy type coating that is attractive and normally easy to apply. Once again, you should choose a brand that can be placed over a stained slab. I'm not sure where you're located in Oklahoma, but there should be local flooring and home improvement stores that can help you with your flooring options or you may want to consult with a flooring contractor.

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