Options For Composite Decking Materials

Answered by Brendan Fowler ~ March 23, 2010 ~ Comments

Please help, there are so many composite decking materials, need to know, in your opinions which one is best for cold weather? I live in Michigan.

Brendan Fowler

I agree that there is a ton of composite decking options and it can get a bit overwhelming in picking the right one. Here is how I would figure out the deck for you. Figure out the color and the texture of the deck that you want, then see what manufacturers offer what you are looking for. Once you have a list of manufacturers, figure out a fastening system that you like, hidden or exposed. I have had good luck with hidden fasteners that do not screw through the deck board, but rather through a clip that holds the board. This allows the composite deck board to move, which it will do constantly, during freeze thaw cycles. Check the price per foot for the decking and perhaps the most important part of your purchase is the warranty of the product. What does the warranty cover? How long is the material covered? Does the warranty cover labor for repairs? I would also check with a number of local lumberyards that sell composite decking and see if you can find out about what they have heard about various products, because they usually deal with warranty issues. By prioritizing your decking criteria and boiling down your results you can usually narrow it down to a couple of choices, good luck!

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