Opting for "Green" Siding

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Saving the environment is my passion and I want my home to reflect a high level of eco-consciousness. I've heard the siding comes in a 'green' option made from sustainable and reduceable materials. Where can I find it and how will I know if the siding is truly green?

Katie F. ~ San Bernardino, California

Jeffrey Anderson

Opting for Green RemodelingCongratulations on wanting to build "green." There are several options for "green" siding from which you may choose. Many metal sidings today are made from recycled materials. These metal sidings are available in many colors and styles.

Fiber cement siding is also considered to be "green." Fiber cement siding is constructed of fibers and cement, and looks very much like wood clapboard siding. It is available in various widths, and in a smooth finish or a wood grain finish.

There are also wood sidings that are considered to be "green." The wood sidings are from managed growth forests, and the wood should have a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. If it does not have that certification, it may not be a "green" building product.

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