Older Vinyl Siding Replacement

Answered by Brett ~ June 25, 2010 ~ Comments

I have some older vinyl siding and want to replace the corners with accents. I have been to local stores and found that the corners are a one piece unit. My corners are three pieces. It has two j-channel pieces nailed and the corner snaps onto both strips. I cant find anyone that carries this. So have you heard of this way and where can I find replacements, if they are still available?

JT ~ Morganton, North Carolina

Brett Kulina

JT, I do not know where to purchase the older three-piece corner trim posts(but perhaps one of our readers does?). If you can not locate replacement corner trim posts for the type of vinyl siding which has been installed on your home, then you may have to try and use the one-piece corner trim posts instead. These one-piece corner posts are widely available and are basically the same as the three-piece corner posts which you have, but the three pieces are molded into one weather-tight trim piece. The obvious advantage of the one piece corner post trim is that there is less chance of rain water getting behind the vinyl siding and causing damage to your home. You may also try consulting some contractors who work in the Morganton area and specialize in vinyl siding and siding replacement.

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