Old Kitchen Counter Needs New Tile

Answered by Brendan ~ December 1, 2009 ~ No Comments

I bought an older ranch home that has a pink tile kitchen counter. I like the look of tile, but this kitchen clearly needs updating and I want a counter that looks more modern. What new tile materials or styles should I consider?

Lauri Y. ~ Stockton, California

Brendan Fowler

New Kitchen CountertopThere are hundreds of choices when it comes to tile. There are also many new tile options that are made from recycled products. Ultimately, if what you are going for is a look and style, then there is no right or wrong decision. You should consider what factors are most important to you, in making a tile selection.

If you are trying to be environmentally conscious then narrow down your choices by "green" products. If you want natural stone tile, start looking into cut stone products. The easiest way to approach this decision is to narrow down your search by what looks good to you. Then, based on what you think looks good, you can narrow it down more by price, availability, durability and eco-friendly products.

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