Newly Installed Floor is Not Level

Answered by Brett ~ April 8, 2011 ~ Comments

How do you level a floor that has been taken down to the subflooring and has a 1" discrepancy in unevenness? We are floating a 10'x6' screen and the uneven floor is causing it to not sit straight. We just installed new flooring and supposedly the floor installer had leveled the floor!

Andrea V. ~ Malibu, California

Brett Kulina

Andrea, one of the simplest ways to level an uneven sub-floor is to use a self-leveling compound, such as Maxxon's Level-Right. The manufacturer claims their product can be applied over a cement or wood sub-floor, requires very little prep work, and can be poured in thicknesses up to a three inches. Before using any brand of self-leveling floor compound, you should check with the product's manufacturer to make sure that your finished flooring material and the specific conditions of your project meet the product's installation standards.

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