New install or replace old windows?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ April 4, 2010 ~ No Comments

I want to replace my current window to the vinyl style. We currently have the old wooden windows with the weights. What route should I take as far as upgrading to some vinyl windows?

Kevin ~ Tallahassee, Florida

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Kevin, If you have the old wooden windows with the weights, you should be in for a pleasant surprise when you open your energy bills the first couple of months after doing a window replacement. Almost any model you choose should be a window upgrade over your current windows. And that is nothing against the old wood windows with weights, as I have some in my house, it's just that there have been a lot of advancements in window technology since the days those were made.

You should do a little research on the different types of windows available, and what they can provide you in energy savings. Living in Tallahassee, Florida, I would think that you would want vinyl windows that help keep hot, humid air out in the summer, and work to keep your cooling costs down. Contact a few local window replacement contractors, and have them come out and take some measurements of your existing windows, show you what they have available as a window upgrade, and work you up an estimate.

When you look at the estimates, and are comparing the prices, make sure the contractors priced similar window types, and the same number of windows. Another thing to find out is whether there might be any additional work required when they have finished installing the replacement windows, such as painting or trim work, and if their price includes taking away the old windows.

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