New Flooring for College Home in Terre Haute, Indiana

Answered by Brett ~ December 14, 2010 ~ Comments

Our twin daughters just started their freshman year at Indiana State U. We bought a modest home for them to live in, and they are likely to live in it for four or five years. The house is fine except for beat-up wall-to-wall carpeting. The kitchen and bath have worn vinyl flooring. What would be the most practical and cost-efficient flooring we could put in that will be easy to keep clean?

Silvia E. ~ Terre Haute, Indiana

Brett Kulina

Silvia, thanks for your question. Although I am tempted to suggest wall-to-wall plastic sheeting for your college girls' house, I think that might be an overkill! Seriously though, it sounds as though you are going to need an economical flooring material that is both durable and easily washable. A good option for your bathrooms and your kitchen might be sheet vinyl, which installs quickly and is available in lots of colors and patterns. A stain master carpeting would be a good choice for your bedrooms and living areas. These types of flooring can be cleaned without too much fuss and should easily withstand 4 years of wear and tear by your daughters and their college friends.

If you decide to sell the house after graduation, both carpeting and vinyl are easy to replace, and because of their low cost, you won't feel like you have lost money on your flooring investment. You can probably find a brand name carpeting and a good looking sheet vinyl for about $2-4 square foot at Home Depot or some other home improvement warehouse in the Terre Haute area, plus you can make arrangements for them to install the new flooring for you. Good luck with your project!

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