Nails for Hard Bamboo?

Answered by Brett ~ April 16, 2011 ~ Comments

I have installed a hardwood laminate floor in my hallway and purchased a reducer strip made of hard bamboo. Unfortunately the 1 1/2 x 17 wire brads I tried to mount the reducer with folded up like wet paper. What kind of nails should I use to fasten the bamboo to the floor?

Bob ~ Bentonville, Arkansas

Brett Kulina

Bob, when attaching the bamboo reducer strip to your home's floor, you could use construction adhesive and some screws. When using an adhesive, such as the type used for attaching plywood sub-flooring to underlying floor joists, attach the transition strip directly to the sub-floor, instead of to the laminate flooring. This can reduce the risk of any squeaks developing later on. You may also want to secure the bamboo transition strip in place with some screws, which can ensure that the piece of bamboo remains flat on the floor while the construction glue dries. To avoid seeing the heads of the screws, drill pilot holes and counter sink the screw heads, which can then be hidden with bamboo plugs. For a flawless color match, you can use a plug cutting bit to make your own bamboo plugs from the underside of the transition strip or from some scrap end cuts. If you choose to hide the screw heads with plugs, then you should finish the transition strip in place once the plugs have been sanded flush with the surface of the transition strip. If your transition strip is already finished, then you may want to use some construction glue without the screws. You can temporarily clamp the bamboo piece in place while the glue dries.

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