My kitchen sink just leaked through to the basement.

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 20, 2010 ~ No Comments

I left the water running in the sink. Yikes! The water is cleaned up but I'm wondering if I need to worry about mold, rotten drywall, etc.

Sharon ~ Silver Spring, Maryland

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Sharon, I'm not sure of how much water you had leak into the basement, and I'm assuming you have a finished basement, if you are concerned about the drywall damage. Some finished basements have insulation in the ceiling to reduce the noise transmission between floors, so there is a possibility that you could have some very wet insulation laying up there. If there is a bathroom underneath the leak area, there could also be insulation in those walls.

If the drywall damage is extensive, you will probably need a contractor to come in and replace the damaged drywall. When they remove the wet drywall, they will be able to see the extent of the damage behind it. If there is wet or damp framing behind the drywall, it should be allowed to dry out, before covering it back up. Any wet insulation should be removed and replaced. To be on the safe side, you might want to have a mold specialist take a look at it. I have built in the Silver Spring, Maryland area, and I have seen areas where there were leaks take off with mold, especially in the humid summers. Once it takes hold, and expands, it can become very expensive to remove.

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