Kitchen Remodeling: Moving Utilities With a Slab Foundation

Answered by Brendan ~ April 29, 2010 ~ Comments

Our house in southern California has a slab, not a raised foundation. We are talking about kitchen remodeling and are concerned about moving appliances because of the slab. How much will moving the plumbing, the gas line, and electrical outlets add to our overall costs?

Jean L. ~ Orange County, California

Brendan Fowler

Often times most of the re-work can be done within the walls. If you are adding an island and you need to bring everything out to the middle of the kitchen, the slab will need to be cut and a trench dug, and everything will get to and from the island in that trench. Slab cuts are very common and will not add significantly to the cost of remodeling your kitchen. If everything was going to be moved regardless of the house being on a slab versus a raised foundation, then the additional cost will be that of a trench which might actually be cheaper than having a plumber and electrician crawling under your house to run their pipes and wires.

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