What are the Most Efficient Wood Frame Windows?

Answered by Brett ~ August 30, 2011 ~ Comments

I am considering replacing the windows in my home. However, my historic home is only allowed wood frame windows. What are the most efficient ones, and what should I expect for the average cost?

Teri S. ~ Montgomery, AL

Brett Kulina

Teri, although it might be less expensive to install storm windows over your home's existing windows, as opposed to purchasing all new wood windows, it may not be your best choice. Installing storm windows can help eliminate drafts and reduce solar heat gain within your home, but replacing your old single pane windows with new double pane ones could increase the overall energy efficiency of your home and would most likely perform head and shoulders above storm windows. Plus, newly installed wood windows might be a better choice than storm windows for a home that must comply with the aesthetic covenants of a historic home.

Wood framed windows are usually more expensive than vinyl, metal, or fiberglass ones, but you should be able to purchase some modestly priced wood windows that have some important energy saving features. In your neck of the woods, you may even want to consider heat reflective coatings or tinted glass, as both of these features can help keep you home cool during those hot summer months.

The best way to get an accurate cost estimate for new windows for your home would be to visit a window showroom or home improvement warehouse in your local area. You can research the available options and styles and determine which brand of window is right for your home. If you gather a list of the approximate window sizes needed for your home, then you'll be able to get detailed price estimates right on the spot. Good luck with your project!

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