Metal mobile home roofing problem

Answered by Brendan ~ February 10, 2010 ~ No Comments

The metal roof on my mobile home is leaking, what is the best way to fix it when you have a limited income?

Marie A. ~ El Paso, Texas

Brendan Fowler

The most important thing here is to know what is leaking. If you can determine what is leaking then you can usually figure out where it is leaking. Leaks often times present themselves in a much different area inside the house rather than right under the leak in the roof. If you are working with a limited budget, start with a thorough investigation of all the penetrations going through the roof, like plumbing vents, chimney pipes etc.

If any are loose or appear to have gaps, use a roof sealant to fill the gaps. If there is an A/C unit or a swamp cooler, check to see that all the mounting brackets are secure and that everything that is in contact with the roof is well attached and well sealed. If there are any obvious tears or holes in the metal, use roof sealant for those, but only as a temporary fix. A damaged roof needs to be repaired properly, getting bids from multiple roofing contractors is a good place to start the larger scope repair process.

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