Why Doesn't the Wall I'm Painting Look Like the Chip Color I Selected?

Answered by Brendan ~ January 12, 2010 ~ Comments

I'm painting accent walls in three or four rooms in my Reno, NV, home. The paint chip had the perfect color, but it looks lighter and slightly redder on the wall. I can't return the paint for this first room, but how can I do better when painting the other rooms?

Kammy S. ~ Reno, Nevada

Brendan Fowler

Matching Paint Chip Color to WallsPicking a color for a room based on a color chip is very difficult. The best way to determine if the color for the wall is what you are trying to achieve, is to get a small sample of the paint and paint a part of the wall.

Try to pick a portion of the wall that when painted over will not show any previous paint testing. Let the paint fully dry and look at the color all throughout the day so you can see how it looks in different light conditions.

Some paint stores have 18"X18" paint chips that can help show a color better if you don't want to sample paint your walls, however they usually only have a limited number of large color chips to choose from.

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