Matching 30 Year Old Vinyl Siding

Answered by Brendan ~ June 23, 2010 ~ Comments

We had a storm come through and did damage to the vinyl siding, it is 30 years old. I am having a lot of trouble trying to match the old siding with new siding. How do I go about finding the best match?

Carol ~ Akron, Ohio

Brendan Fowler

Matching an old vinyl siding can be very frustrating. Without knowing the manufacturer of the siding, it will just take time to find the best match. There is a chance that the style of siding still exists in which case a vinyl siding dealer may be able to order you an exact match. If you have no luck in finding a suitable replacement, you may want to consider replacing a whole section or side of your home, so that a change in the siding will not be as noticeable. If it is storm damage, insurance may cover the cost of replacement, in which case residing a whole side of your home may not be such a bad option. Contacting vinyl siding manufacturers and providing them with pictures of what you are trying to replace may get you onto the right track. A manufacturer may be able to identify the siding as one of their products and point you in the right direction for replacement options. Good luck!

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