Making Better Use of Floor Space in a Bathroom Remodel

Answered by Brendan ~ August 28, 2010 ~ No Comments

It looks as if we could replace our side-by-side washer and dryer with a stacking set, and then in the same space put in a one-piece fiberglass shower beside the new appliances. We have a cement floor. Can the plumbing challenges be overcome?

Natalie ~ Orlando, Florida

Brendan Fowler

If there is truly enough room for the shower, (measure, re-measure, and measure again), the answer is yes, the plumbing can be installed to accommodate the new shower. The slab will need to be cut to accommodate the new drain, but all the water supply and vent can be run in the wall. I have done retrofit plumbing in slabs many times; it is not nearly as tough as you would think. Good Luck!

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