Major Remodeling Project: What comes first, second, third?

Answered by Brett ~ June 16, 2010 ~ No Comments

Paint inside of house, new wood floors in living, dining and office, new countertops in kitchen and 2 baths, add kitchen cabinets on blank wall in kitchen, new appliances in kitchen. We have individual contractors to do the painting, counters, floors and cabinets. What comes first, second and third, etc.? Is there an ideal order to this remodel?

Linda L. ~ Houston, Texas

Brett Kulina

Linda, creating a work schedule for your different contractors can keep your home remodel progressing and help ensure that one person's work does not interfere with another's finished job. A work schedule can also help contractors be more efficient with their time and may help cut down on lost days, when nobody is working on your project.

I suggest that you have the painting contractors complete their portion of the project first. Paint sprayers and rollers can create a mess, and you don't want any of your cabinetry or appliances in the house until the painting is finished. Likewise, if a paint bucket spills, better it happen on the plywood subfloor and not your finished wood floors!

After the painting is complete, it will be time to let the floor installers do their thing. This can take quite a bit of time, as they will need to install the wood floors, sand them, and then apply several coats of polyurethane or similar finish material. Once the floors are finished, the cabinets can be installed. Although your appliances should not be installed until the cabinetry is finished, the cabinet installer will need to have the spec sheets in hand which show the exact dimensions of the appliances you have selected. The appliance spec sheets will also let the cabinet installers know of any needed vents, electrical outlets, or plumbing lines.

Once the cabinets are in place, it will be time for the countertop fabricators to create the templates for your countertops. They will make the templates on site and then fabricate the countertops at their shop. After the countertops are installed on the cabinets, it will be time for the appliance to be delivered and installed.

When creating your project work schedule, remember to ask each contractor how much time they will need to complete their portion of the job. Also, have the contractors review and commit to the timeline and schedule so that everyone is on the same page before the whirlwind begins!

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