Looking for V-channel weather stripping for old double-hung windows

Answered by Jeffrey ~ December 25, 2010 ~ Comments

I am looking for V-channel/strip weather stripping for old double hung windows. Specifically vinyl or metal V-strips to stop drafts in 90 year old double hung windows. I have looked at Lowes and Home Depot and they do not carry these. Any ideas as to where I may be able to fine these? Thanks

Greg B. ~ Charlotte, North Carolina

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Greg, I'm surprised that Lowes and Home Depot wouldn't have at least the vinyl V-strip. Did you ask if they could order it? In many cases if something isn't on the shelf, it can still be special ordered in.

I would think that Charlotte should have some old time lumber yards around. We have a couple in the area where I live and it never ceases to amaze me what they have in stock; it may be dusty and have been there for a long time, but they have it. I would look for a place like that; central and western North Carolina must have a lot of those types of places.

I would also check to see who in the area sells wood windows such as Pella, Marvin, or Kolbe. Any distributors who sell those windows probably have contact with regional salespeople with the companies and should be able to get parts such as weather stripping. Most older wood double hung windows use the V-strip so it should be available as a replacement part through the sales people.

Another option would be to try some online retailers which cater to old houses and restorations. I know Kilian Hardware at www.killianhardware.com carries bronze V-strip that looks very nice on double hung windows in an old house and lasts much longer as it's nailed rather the attached with an adhesive strip like the vinyl weather stripping. Copper and brass V-strip are also available and online old house forums at sites like oldhouseweb.com may know of suppliers of these and other types.

As a last resort you might also try a local machine shop. I have had great luck with machine shops being able to make just about anything if I take them a sample or draw something up with dimensions. A metal V-strip is simply a thin gauge metal that's been bent down the center and most machine shops have presses that can do that easily, especially in the short lengths needed for most old house double hung windows. If you have a choice, I think the metal V-strips will work much better for you than the vinyl weather stripping. Make sure you get some small nails in a similar finish as the metal so they blend in rather than stand out.

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