Questions About Landscaping

How much support does a retaining wall need?

If I have an 18inch high retaining wall eighty feet long and I put the post 36inches apart and 30inches in the ground will it be properly supported?

Dale - Aurora, CO

How much does it cost to build a small brick patio?

I want to add a brick patio directly outside of my home's sliding glass door. The ground is flat (covered in grass) and I have easy access for a dump truck and excavator. What do you think a 500 sq.ft. patio like this might cost?

Composite wood deck vs. concrete patio

We have a backyard that collects water from surrounding yards and slopes very gently down toward our slab foundation. The grass is constantly wet and we realize the need for French drains to help alleviate this issue. There is also a step down from our house into the backyard - something that always annoys me. My husband and I can not decide whether to install a patio of concrete pavers or a composite wood deck directly off the sliding door to the yard. Any ideas?

What Can I Do About a Rising Sidewalk Slab?

One of my sidewalk squares has risen about six inches on one side. What could be causing this, and can I fix the problem myself?

How Do I Build an Outside Wall for My Home?

I am building a new wall in my yard. I am putting in 6x6 wood posts to frame out the wall. In order to make sure the posts stay in place, I was told to put cement in the bottom of hole that the posts will be placed in, followed by gravel. Is this the correct procedure? Is there anything else I need to do to ensure that the posts are solid and properly installed?

How Do I Create Proper Drainage for a Concrete Patio?

I am not sure what a water snake is, but it sounds interesting. Unfortunately there is no easy fix for a slab of concrete that doesn't drain properly. You could try cutting a drain into the patio where the water is pooling, but by the time you cut the slab

How Should I Place Sand Under an Above Ground Pool?

I am setting up an above ground pool and want to make sure I correctly prepare the area underneath the pool. How should I place sand and landscape fabric under the pool to ensure it has a stable base?

Low-maintenance Landscaping for Snowbirds

Landscaping is not our thing, especially since we travel a lot and then spend the winter months in Arizona. The yard needs redoing anyway. If we did a checkerboard of alternating hard surface and ground cover, what ground covers and hard surfaces would look good with minimum care?

Landscaping to Hide Greenhouse

I'd like to grow tomatoes in an 8 x 10' greenhouse in my south-facing back yard, which is visible from many windows of the house. The sunniest area is dead center near the back fence. I'd like to plant landscaping--flowers or a hedge about 5' high-- to partially screen the greenhouse. Will that cut out too much light and warmth for the tomatoes?

Using Fences for Front Yard Privacy

Our split level house has an all-grass front yard 80 feet wide by 35 feet deep. We'd like to make it easy-care, dividing the yard into an enclosed rectangular brick-and-pavers courtyard, with bark or stone and flowering shrubs outside the courtyard. The 4-foot-high, three-sided brick fences will enclose 16 feet-by-36 feet. What should we budget for the brick fences and brick paver work?

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