Is My New Laminate Flooring Damaged Due to Water or the Contractor?

Answered by Brendan ~ September 19, 2011 ~ No Comments

I have some laminate flooring that I think may have been installed incorrectly, but I'm not sure. How can you tell the difference between laminate flooring that is damaged due to water and damaged due to poor installation by the contractor. I worry that the contractor may have installed the laminate too tightly or hammered it incorrectly?

Haley G. ~ Akron, OH

Brendan Fowler

First, check with the manufacturer and see how the laminate is supposed to be installed. Check if you can see any obvious signs of installation done outside the manufacturer's specification. Call the contractor and have them explain what the problem is from their perspective. You really need to acquire as much information as possible before you choose a course of action. I have seen laminate floors buckle from both poor installation and water, and they present similarly. Laminate flooring expands and contracts with swings in temperature as well as humidity. If it is installed to tight it can buckle. It can also buckle if it is installed over a dry concrete slab that becomes damp due to seasonal water fluctuations, even if it was installed properly. Everything can be done properly; it just may be the wrong product for the application. I cannot tell you if there is any fault involved or why your floor is damaged, I can tell you that the more info you can find out about the flooring and the installation the easier it will be to resolve the issue.

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