Labor Cost for Installing a New Kitchen Backsplash

Answered by Brett ~ October 23, 2010 ~ Comments

My kitchen remodeling dream is simple: I want to install those beautiful new small tile, stone, or glass backsplash materials that come grouped on a mesh backing. I want it to go from the top of my kitchen counter to the bottom of my overhead cupboards, with a separate bar-like accent band at midpoint. There are six electrical switch plates or sockets and the length is 18 linear feet. Please give me a ballpark cost for having the installation done over the existing drywall.

Raja ~ Dallas, Texas

Brett Kulina

Raja, your plans for a new tile back-splash are pretty straight forward, but keep in mind that it will take a tile setter two visits to complete the job. I estimate that it could take one person an entire day to prep the wall and install all of the back-splash tiles. A follow up visit to grout the tiles and clean up might require about a half day, which means that you can expect to pay between $400 and $600 for the project's labor. The cost of the materials will depend on which tiles and grout you select for the kitchen back-splash. You may want to consider using an epoxy grout, or a cement-based grout with a mildew-resistant additive, because these types of grout are easier to keep clean. Good luck with the project!

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