Questions About Kitchen Remodeling

Resale Affect of Indianapolis, Indiana, Wine Closet Kitchen Remodel

We want to remove a 24" x 26" x 7' high pantry and replace it with a wine closet with open racks and a small wine refrigerator. There is adequate (not outstanding) kitchen storage for food, pots, pans, etc. without the pantry. About what should we budget, and will this kitchen remodeling be value-neutral when eventually selling the house?

Do I need a wall or can the cabinets be attached to the ceiling?

I want to put a slide-in stove where there isn't a wall. I would also like cabinets on either side. The question is, do I need a wall or can the cabinets be attached to the ceiling and if so do they need to be supported underneath too? Or do I just need to put up a wall?

How can I tell if a wall is a load bearing?

We are looking at buying a house that needs a little help in the kitchen. I would like to be able to create a pass through & counter from the kitchen to the dining room which would require knocking out the top half of an interior wall. The wall now has cabinets attached to it and is a partial wall which stops at the doorway from the kitchen to the dining room. Wanted to know if there was a clear way to tell if part of a wall can be taken out when we go back to look at the house. Many thanks!!!

Can leaded glass be used in a backsplash?

I want to install a new backsplash in my kitchen using vintage leaded glass from old windows in combination with tile. Would the lead be toxic? How would it stand up to heat behind the stove?

Is OK to tile an entire kitchen and place cabinets over them?

Yes it is okay to install cabinets over tile. A cracked tile that is half covered by a cabinet can be replaced just as any tile would, it will just take a little bit more work. As with any tile install, I would recommend that a crack isolation membrane be

Labor Cost for Installing a New Kitchen Backsplash

My kitchen remodeling dream is simple: I want to install those beautiful new small tile, stone, or glass backsplash materials that come grouped on a mesh backing. I want it to go from the top of my kitchen counter to the bottom of my overhead cupboards, with a separate bar-like accent band at midpoint. There are six electrical switch plates or sockets and the length is 18 linear feet. Please give me a ballpark cost for having the installation done over the existing drywall.

Cost of Using a Designer for Kitchen Remodeling

We're planning some pretty extensive kitchen remodeling, and friends suggest we use a kitchen designer. I'm not sure if most designers get paid an hourly fee, or if they make their money from markups on the kitchen remodeling components that they help us purchase. Please enlighten us!

Florida Microwave Oven That Vents to the Outside

My Pensacola, Florida, kitchen gets steamy enough without my microwave/vent unit blowing smoke and steam back into the room. To replace it with a microwave/hood combination that vents to the outside, I assume a duct has to be run through the cabinet over the range and up through the attic. If that's correct, what's a ballpark kitchen remodeling figure for a microwave/convection/hood unit and the job of creating an exhaust to the outside?

Will the original kitchen flooring have to be removed?

Part of my kitchen upgrade is to replace the linoleum floor with ceramic tiles. I plan on pulling the current floor then securing any creaking areas before putting in the ceramic. I spoke with a contractor who said this can be done without removing the old floor. Is it necessary to remove the linoleum? This is the original floor from when I built the home 18 years ago.

Is flexible wood a good option to trim a column?

I have decided to open the wall between the kitchen and upstairs family room. This opens the area and adds much needed natural light. The counter and frame will be natural oak with a cherry oak stain to match the kitchen cabinets. I am using pole wrap around the column, which will also have the cherry stain. I am considering using flexible wood for the trim, but have not heard much about this product. Is this a good option? Will it work the same?

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