Questions About Kitchen Remodeling

Options For Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Our neighbors had their kitchen cabinets refaced but were told that some would eventually need replacing anyway since the shells had lost integrity. We're looking at refacing with new veneer and plan to bring people in for quotes. What should we look for if a contractor tells us we need new cabinets entirely?

How to Install New Kitchen Cabinets

I want to replace my existing kitchen cabinets with new ones. I plan to basically use the same cabinet layout. How do I go about removing the old cabinets and making sure that the new ones will fit in the same space? Where is the best place to find pre-fabricated cabinets that will fit?

Old Kitchen Counter Needs New Tile

I bought an older ranch home that has a pink tile kitchen counter. I like the look of tile, but this kitchen clearly needs updating and I want a counter that looks more modern. What new tile materials or styles should I consider?

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