Questions About Kitchen Remodeling

Whose job is it to measure for a kitchen remodel?

The design plan of my new kitchen cabinets said the end of the cabinets would terminate with inches of wall space showing. When the cabinets were installed there was a whole foot of wall space. When I questioned my contractor, he said it's not his job to measure - it's my job. Is this true?


What would it cost to install a dishwasher?

We are moving into a new rental and are unsure if we should install a dishwasher in an empty space across from the sink or get a portable one. What would we be getting into work- and cost-wise installing a dishwasher?


How do I install a microwave/vent above my stove?

We have no vent in our kitchen.This is a problem when we cook smelly food or boiling water. Because we have a small kitchen, I was wondering if we could put in a microwave(that also vents) above the stove? Is this something that we can do ourselves?

- Paul E.

What is the order in which to do a kitchen remodel?

I'm planning to remodel my small kitchen, hallway and bathroom from floor to ceiling. I also plan to replace all of my appliances and reduce the size of one window. Is there a general check off list of what needs to be done and in what order to do it? Should I do the ceiling first or the floor? What projects are best left to the professionals?

- Tim B.

How do you install kitchen wall cabinets?

I want to hang some new wall cabinets in my kitchen. What is the best way to do this? What type of screws should I use to hang the cabinets that will hold a lot of weight (dishes,etc.)? Thank you.

-Steve B.

How can I redo my kitchen ceiling?

I would like to redo my kitchen ceiling. The ceiling is drywall and painted, but I had a bathroom leak into the ceiling and certain spot were drywalled again. The contractor did not finish. Who do I call and trust to finish a job?

Rita - Pittsburgh, PA

What's the average cost for a kitchen/great room remodel?

I have a 1930 cape cod. Would like to gut the kitchen and open it up to the current dining room to create an open concept kitchen/family room. What's the average cost for this type of project?

Columbus, OH

What is an inexpensive way to update my small kitchen?

Although I can't afford to redo everything, I would like my kitchen to look different. I don't need the latest and greatest dream kitchen, but it needs some updating. What areas of the kitchen should I change, should I do the work myself? thanks.

Melissa T. - Burlington, VT

Will a deck support a home addition?

My landlord wants to extend our kitchen, but he wants to build it on top of the existing deck. With no other support. Is that safe? Would it be up to code?

Are high end kitchen appliances worth the extra money?

I am remodeling my kitchen and need to decide which new appliances to buy. I am amazed at the range of costs for kitchen appliances, and do not know how much I should spend. Do you think that expensive appliances are worth the extra cost if I will be selling the house in 5-7 years?

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