Kitchen Remodeling Traffic Problem in Oklahoma City

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My kitchen is U-shaped, 14-by-14, with tons of counter space on three sides, but a poor work triangle. I walk around the built-in island constantly. I'd like to ditch the island, move the refrigerator across the room near the range, and put a broom closet where the refrigerator is. I'd replace the vinyl flooring with tile, and put a round, 2-person bistro set in the middle. The range wall has no plumbing. With medium range choices, should my kitchen remodeling budget be $20,000, $30,000, or (hopefully not) more?

Alec T. ~ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Brendan Fowler

There are literally hundreds of ways to remodel the same kitchen and just as many potential budgets as well. The key to determining a kitchen remodel budget is to have a very detailed kitchen plan with all of the cabinets, surfaces, lighting, plumbing, electrical, appliances, paint, etc., picked out in advance. With a detailed plan you can get bids from multiple contractors and get a reasonable cost estimate. The fewer details you have for a contractor to bid the wider the range of projected cost will be. I usually figure that a complete kitchen remodel will run in the range of $125 - $225 per square foot. Of course there are ways to go cheaper and ways to go more expensive, but as I said before, you will need to have a very detailed and comprehensive plan for your kitchen remodel to get any kind of realistic cost number from a contractor.

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