Kitchen Remodeling: Porch as Foundation

Answered by Brendan ~ May 6, 2010 ~ No Comments

While planning our kitchen remodeling, we found out that the last owners extended one corner of the kitchen over what was a service porch. Should we have the contractor remove the porch and extend the house's foundation each way to cover the corner or just leave the porch as is? How much does it cost to add about 6' of foundation?

Deanna B. ~ Virginia Beach, Virginia

Brendan Fowler

This is going to be a judgment call between you and your contractor. I have seen some pretty funky additions that set on the top of old porch framing. Some are just fine and are left as is. Some are a disaster and need to be torn out and re-framed. Often times old porches are sloped for water runoff and you end up fighting a sloped floor throughout the project. In any case you will need to determine if the old porch framing is capable of supporting of the new living space resting on top of it. This may require that a structural engineer come and take a look at it. If it is six feet by the width of the kitchen, you will be adding significant cost to the job. If it 3' x 3' maybe the cost is not going to be prohibitive. Talk to your contractor about pricing. Retrofit foundation work is typically more expensive than new foundation work, I would figure roughly $75 a lineal foot for the addition of a 24" tall foundation under an existing house. I hope this helps!

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