Kitchen Needs Cabinet Refacing to Resist Wheelchair Dings

Answered by Brett ~ March 9, 2011 ~ No Comments

Our medium-grade oak cabinets have simple rectangular raised panels. The lower ones are scratched and dinged from our rambunctious 8-year old's wheelchair. What type of cabinet refacing would be more impact-resistant, and roughly what would it cost for 20 linear feet of lower cabinets only? We'd use laminate for new countertops.

Kiala L. ~ Honolulu, Hawaii

Brett Kulina

Kiala, the cost of your cabinet refacing project is going to depend on what type of laminate, or veneer, that you select to face the cabinets with and how much labor is required to get the job done right. While most cabinet refacing projects only take a few days to complete, you should consult a cabinet shop in the Honolulu area in order to get an accurate cost estimate and time line for your specific project. In general, refacing your existing cabinetry is a quicker and less expensive alternative to purchasing and installing new kitchen cabinets.

When selecting the new face for your cabinets, you should probably avoid the popular peel-and-stick veneers, and instead opt for a more durable high pressure laminate which is actually glued to the surface of your existing cabinet boxes. High pressure laminates are available in hundreds of colors and styles, so you should be able to find one that matches the decor of your home's kitchen and interior. Keep in mind that a cabinet refacing project can present an excellent opportunity for you to upgrade your cabinetry with some new shelving or storage options, as well as some custom touches like drawer dividers or roll out shelving. Good luck with your project, and I hope you enjoy your new kitchen!

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