Kitchen Cabinets in Maple... or Cherry?

Answered by Brendan ~ December 4, 2009 ~ Comments

My husband and I are empty nesters and have more time now to spend in the kitchen. We'd like new kitchen cabinets and can't decide between maple or cherry. What are the pros and cons of each?

Angela B. ~ Long Beach, California

Brendan Fowler

Kitchen Cabinets in Maple or CherryThere are no pro and cons here as I see it. The decision here is going to be a matter of taste. Maple is light blonde wood and cherry is a darker reddish brown colored wood. They are both beautiful woods and in my opinion, they both look great in kitchens.

If you are getting really hung up on this decision, it is not a bad idea to hire an interior designer for an hour or two, to get some ideas and opinions on what you are trying to achieve from your kitchen facelift.

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