Is There a Cure for Stained Stucco?

Answered by Brendan ~ March 30, 2010 ~ Comments

I am very pleased with my 1930 Tudor in Goldsboro, North Carolina. The problem I have is with the stucco. It seems stained, and even a good pressure wash won't deter the problem. What would you suggest I try next?

Bailey R. ~ Goldsboro, North Carolina

Brendan Fowler

I would try pressure washing in conjunction with a detergent. There is a good chance that you are battling mildew stains, so try a cleaning agent that targets mold stains. Be careful when pressure washing that you do not use an extremely high pressure combined with a narrow pattern tip, because you could damage the stucco surface.

If washing your stucco with a cleaning agent still leaves you with stains, you can "re-dash" your stucco with a mixture of white Portland cement and water that is applied over the old stucco surface. This is a process that is probably best left up to a stucco specialist or a painter experienced with this process. Old stucco needs to breathe so I would be reluctant to try to solve the problem by painting over the stucco.

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