Is There a Cure for Squeaky Floors?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 18, 2010 ~ No Comments

I love my old Fort Walton Beach home, but the beautiful hardwood flooring squeaks every time someone walks across a threshold. Other than the squeaks, the flooring is very sturdy and in excellent condition. Is there a cure for the squeaky flooring, or do I have to live with it?

Spencer L. ~ Fort Walton, Beach Florida

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Spencer, You don't mention what type of home you live in. I know a lot of homes in Florida are on a concrete slab, and Fort Walton Beach is probably the same. That would mean that your hardwood floors are probably glued down, and there are areas where the glue has loosened, and is allowing the hardwood to move up and down as you walk on it. The only good way to correct this that I am aware of, is to have a flooring contractor come in and take up the sections of flooring that are especially bothersome. A good flooring contractor can take up sections of hardwood without disturbing the rest of the flooring. This solution is dependent on there being matching hardwood available that can be used to replace the wood that is taken up. I have had flooring contractors try to inject a glue type solution under the boards to quiet them, but that has never seemed to work. If there is no matching hardwood available, you may have to replace the whole floor, or consider the squeaking to be part of what gives the the home character.

If by chance you do live in a home with a basement, then your hardwood is nailed down into the subfloor, and there is a good chance the subfloor is what is squeaking. If you have an unfinished room under the area that squeaks, a flooring contractor can try using some subfloor adhesive or shims to quiet the squeaks from underneath. If that doesn't work, they can try face nailing the hardwood a few places with long finish nails. They can use a nail set and colored nail filler, so that you should not notice where the nailing was done, if they only do it in a few spots.

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