Is October too late to get my house sided?

Answered by Brendan ~ October 28, 2010 ~ No Comments

I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's October, and the weather is starting to turn for the worst. Is it too late to install new siding. If it's not too late, what should I be aware of in starting a siding project.

Tiffany K. ~ Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brendan Fowler

It kind of depends on what you are planning to use as siding. If all of your trim and siding is going to be raw wood and require painting or staining, you may find that it may rarely if ever get warm enough to paint/stain during this time of year. If all of your siding and trim material is pre-painted or pre-stained you should be fine on the install. You may run into issues with caulking in the cold weather because most caulking requires 40+ degree temperatures to cure properly. The main issue here is making sure that you do not expose unprotected surfaces of your home to the winter climate for too long. One winter on exposed wood can do a considerable amount of damage. Even if you plan to use a fiber cement siding and paint in the spring, be sure to leave plenty of room for expansion and contraction on the longer runs because it will expand and contract more when it is not sealed. Good luck!

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