Is Metal Roofing Energy Efficient in Nashville, Tennessee?

Answered by Brett ~ February 21, 2011 ~ Comments

It seems logical to me that metal roofing would get hot and add heat to the house. Yet it's supposed to be energy efficient. If I use metal roofing in Nashville, will it save monthly utility costs?

Frank ~ Nashville, Tennessee

Brett Kulina

Frank, metal roofs are most energy efficient when they are finished with reflective coatings and non-heat absorbing colors. Unlike black asphalt shingles, which absorb the sun's heat, transferring it to the underlying roofing materials, some styles of metal roofing actually reflect the sun's rays, repelling the unwanted heat that is caused by solar radiation. Another design element which will affect how well your home's roof repels the sun's heat is the amount of insulation in your home's attic. Remember, a properly sealed and well-insulated attic is essential for a home to remain cool during the hot summer months and warm during the cold winter.

The best way for you to determine what the potential energy savings might be from installing a new metal roof on your home would be to complete some energy modeling programs, which are computer tools that can estimate your home's total energy usage for a year based on the home's design and construction. Although there are several engineering firms in the Nashville area that you could hire to conduct a residential energy audit on your home, first you may want to consult your local utility provider, as many utility companies now complete home energy audits for their customers for free. Both pre-construction energy modeling and home energy audits are effective tools for designing and building energy efficient homes.

Aside from their potential energy saving qualities, metal roofs are also durable. Some brands of metal roofing are warrantied for 50 years, which is almost double the life expectancy of many types of asphalt shingled roofs. When choosing a type of metal roof for your home, you can select from standing seam panels or the less expensive ribbed panels, which are installed with 1/4-inch hex drive screws and rubber washers. If you are curious about your metal roofing options, then I would consult a roofing contractor in the Nashville area who can show you some of the most popular choices and styles. Good luck with your project and I hope that your new roof helps reduce your home's energy usage.

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