Is it bad to run the air conditioning during construction?

Answered by Brett ~ January 26, 2012 ~ No Comments

I am in the middle of a house construction project. The AC is now operational, but is it okay to use it while other construction is still happening?

Jack ~ Lancaster, PA

Brett Kulina

Jack, you should be able to operate your home's air conditioning during construction without causing any problems. If your main concern is the construction dust and debris that could be sucked into HVAC intake ducts, there are a few simple solutions. First, seal off the all the vents during the messiest portions of construction (drywall, floor sanding, etc.) and opt not to use the AC during those work days. Secondly, you can temporarily cover the vents with some filter fabric, which can keep most of the dust from entering your home's duct work. Lastly, you can install new filters and vacuum out the duct work after all construction is complete, which basically gives your HVAC system a fresh start.

I think there is a benefit to operating your AC during construction, because oftentimes a home's HVAC system needs some fine tuning during its initial months of use. Your HVAC contractor can use feedback from you (and the workers) about which rooms may need more or less air, or which dampers rattle when the air is on. The more trouble shooting that occurs during construction, the better your chances are of not needing a contractor call-back later on.

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