Is Framing Walls a Job for the Experts?

Answered by Jeffrey ~ February 6, 2010 ~ No Comments

I just bought a small house in Yuba City, California with tiny closets. There's a bit of room to add on and I'd like to add a walk-in closet. I know adding on means framing walls. Is this something an experienced DIY'er could handle or should I hire a contractor?

Teresa M. ~ Yuba City, California

Jeffrey Anderson

If you were just going to be framing some interior walls to create a closet, I would say it was definitely something you could tackle. However, with this being a house addition, my advice would be to hire a contractor. You will need a new foundation, and a roof for the addition must be built and tied into your existing home. The exterior wall framing of the closet addition is not complicated, even with windows, but the roof can be quite tricky if you haven't done it before.

I would look for a contractor to do the project, but make sure they are experienced in this type of work, and have the proper licenses and insurance. Check references, and inspect some of their previous work, if possible. Before you hire someone, ask if they would mind if you helped with the framing. They might welcome the help, as it may free up one of their workers for another project, and it would give you a chance to learn some of the fundamentals of framing.

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