Is Cabinet Installation a Do-It-Yourself Task?

Answered by Brett ~ October 13, 2010 ~ Comments

The house we bought has new kitchen cabinets and we asked that the old cabinets be left in the garage. We can use them in the garage for storage. There's a six-foot run and an eight foot run of upper and lower cabinets. Approximately what might it cost to get them installed?

Pammela ~ San Francisco, California

Brett Kulina

Pammela, if you are going to hire someone to hang the cabinets for you, then I would estimate that it should only take two people a couple of hours to complete the task. If you have a helper, then you could probably hang the cabinets yourself in a similar amount of time. When hanging cabinets make sure to use cabinet hanging screws, and install the screws through the backs of the cabinet boxes and securely into some wall studs. In your situation, it may be easier to set the base cabinets in place first, then you can use the counter top as a platform on which to rest the wall cabinets while you secure them to the wall studs. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy the new utility cabinets.

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