Is an Attached Room Addition Less Costly Than a Separate Room?

Answered by Brendan ~ December 4, 2010 ~ Comments

We've got plenty of room in the side yard of our Wilmington, North Carolina, home to either add a home office to the house or build a room addition separate from the house. To attach it, it would wrap around a corner of the house a bit. Attaching requires changing and extending the roof line, breaking through a wall, and the main electrical service must be moved. The existing HVAC will accommodate the 100 square foot room. Is it likely to be more expensive to build the room addition onto the house, or to make a separate building?

Ray L. ~ Wilmington, North Carolina

Brendan Fowler

In your situation, I think that the addition of 100 square feet to your home would be cheaper and more practical than trying to build a stand-alone room. Of course without seeing working drawings, I am only speculating on cost. At a certain point when the addition becomes large enough, it can make sense to build a separate structure. For 100 square feet, we are talking about something the size of a garden shed that is going to have to serve as a comfortable all seasons office. For an addition of this size, I would try to work it into the existing house. Good Luck!

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