Is Aluminum Wiring Safe or Should it be Replaced?

Answered by Brendan ~ April 6, 2010 ~ Comments

My question is about electrical wiring. My Lexington, Kentucky home has aluminum wiring throughout, and I know that can be a bad thing. How can I tell if it needs to be replaced?

Andrew K. ~ Lexington, Kentucky

Brendan Fowler

The fact that you have aluminum wiring does not necessarily mean you have to replace it. Without being able to see how your home was wired, I can't give you specific advice on the integrity of your homes wiring. Since you are already concerned about the safety of the wiring, I think it is a good idea to have a licensed electrician look at your home. An electrician can see if there are signs of arcing in the sub panel and receptacles, which is a common source of problems.

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