Insurance Requirements During Remodels

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I heard that you should require that your contractor carry general liability insurance during your remodels. We have comprehensive home insurance and I wonder if that's enough. If not, what do I ask the contractor and what proof should I look at to make sure?

Sheryl R. ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

Brendan Fowler

Working With a Reputable ContractorEvery contractor should carry general liability insurance for any type of work being performed on your house. They should also be bonded and licensed in the state that the work is being performed in.

Ask your contractor for his or her proof of insurance, bond and license. Most insurance providers will mail or fax to you directly, the proof of insurance for your contractor. If you are building a house from the ground up, or performing an extensive remodel, a course of construction policy is also recommended.

This is a policy that is terminated when the project is completed. It is also recommended that you adjust the amount that your home is insured for, after you finish a project that has added significant value to your home.

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