Insulation For Attic Rafters

Answered by Brendan ~ February 14, 2011 ~ Comments

I want to reduce the heat in my attic to store more items that are affected by heat. I'm looking at foam and the heat reflector called e-shield. This is for the rafters. What would you suggest?

John L. ~ Savannah, Georgia

Brendan Fowler

I think you are moving in the right direction with the heat reflector and foam insulation to help cool your attic space. Let me re-phrase that; a heat reflector can help slow down the build up of heat in the attic space. To keep the attic cooler I would use a gable end fan to help remove the hot attic air. The fan can be run off of an attic thermostat that will turn the fan on when the attic reaches a certain temperature. If you do not have a gable end to vent through, you can use a roof vent fan--mounted directly to the roof over the attic--that can run off of the same type of attic thermostat. More insulation by itself will not actually cool the attic; it will only slow down the rate at which the attic heats up. With enough insulation, the attic may not reach as high a temperature during the day, but I think the best solution for a cooler attic is a combination of additional insulation and an attic fan.

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