Insulating a Knee Wall

Answered by Brendan ~ December 3, 2010 ~ Comments

I have a knee wall that needs insulating. The conditioned space on the other side of the knee wall is a bedroom with drywall. The room is normally the same temperature as it is outside. The unconditioned space on the attic side of the knee wall is vented by a huge Gable vent. After searching online for the best way to do it, I have come up with a potential plan but I'm not sure which way the Faced Batt Insulation should face. I have 16 inch on center studs studs (2 X 4). It looks like the only insulation that I can buy is Faced. After the Batt Insulation is installed, I would like to put up foam insulation board over it on the attic side. Then caulk around all of the gaps. With this plan, which way should the Kraft paper face? Do you see in any problem s with this plan? Thanks for your help.

John ~ Houston, Texas

Brendan Fowler

Kraft faced insulation will work great. I would install the paper side out, so that the tabs on the batts can be stapled to the studs. Make sure that when you are insulating that you cut the batts as tight as possible without cramming them into the stud bays. You will lose R-Value if your insulation is packed too tight. The foam board over the insulation with caulking is a good idea. The more airtight you can make the wall, the better the end product will perform. Good Luck!

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