Installing Trex decking on exposed wood joists

Answered by Brett ~ January 16, 2012 ~ No Comments

I am refinishing a deck with Trex decking and am concerned about how to protect the deck joists from exposure. Also what is the best way to attach the decking to the joist?

Jason ~ Huntington Beach

Brett Kulina

Jason, before attaching your Trex deck boards to their underlying joists, you should apply an exterior-grade paint or stain to all sides of the joists to protect them from the elements. Depending on their condition, you may need to power wash or sand the joists prior to applying any protective finishes. Inspect the joists to make sure that they are in sound condition and that all the attachments are secure. It's worth noting that the manufacturer of Trex products recommends that a deck's joist spacing be no greater than 16-inches on center.

The manufacturer also recommends using their Trex Hideaway fastening system when attaching the decking to the joists. These fasteners are similar to other blind deck fasteners because they attach to the edge of the board, which keeps the fastener hidden from view and allows you to avoid penetrating the exposed face of the board with countersunk screw heads. These fasteners will also keep the deck boards evenly spaced (about 1/4") during installation. You can purchase the Trex Hideaway fasteners directly from Trex, as well as from the major building supply warehouses in the Huntington Beach area.

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