Installing Glass Doors in Kitchen Cabinets

Answered by Brendan ~ May 12, 2010 ~ Comments

My kitchen cabinets look worn out and ugly. I love the idea of replacing the cabinet doors, but I'm not sure I want laminate. Is there a less expensive way to add new cabinet doors with those attractive glass inserts without breaking the bank?

Paul G. ~ New York, New York

Brendan Fowler

Unless you are comfortable building or modifying cabinet doors yourself, I think you will be better off shopping for new doors. There are many manufacturers of retrofit cabinet doors that you can install yourself as well as companies that specialize in hanging new doors on your existing cabinets.

There are many on-line resources providing comprehensive retrofit door information regarding cost, styles, and installation instructions. Take a little bit of time on some of these websites and you will probably be able to find a style you like with glass in them. Good luck!

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