Installing a wood burning stove

Answered by Brendan ~ April 23, 2012 ~ No Comments

I installed a free standing wood burning stove in my house. The stove is positioned in a corner of the room and is the proper distance from the adjacent walls. The wall surface is non-combustible, but do I need to also install insulation inside the walls?

Rod ~ Texarkana, Texas

Brendan Fowler

As long as you have followed the manufacturer's installation instructions for the type of stove and installation that you have, insulation in the wall is probably not going to be required. Generally wood stove manufacturers are primarily concerned with the proximity of the stove to combustible surfaces and non combustible surfaces. Unless, you are trying to move your stove closer to the wall, sometimes an air space is required between the non-combustible and the surface behind it. I can't say for sure what the stove manufacturer will require as far as wall insulation is concerned, so for a definitive answer you will need to call the manufacturer and ask them the same question you have asked me. I do not think that you need insulation in the wall, but call the manufacturer to be sure.

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