Installing a water line for an ice-maker

Answered by Brett ~ December 31, 2010 ~ Comments

My new refrigerator has an ice maker, like the last one. The only difference is that I would like to use this feature but never bothered to have a water line installed. The refrigerator sits nearly 15 feet away from the water supply on the other side of the kitchen near a door. Can a water line be installed without a major hassle? Any tips?

James ~ Poughkeepsie, New York

Brett Kulina

James, when plumbing a water supply line to your refrigerator's ice maker, it would be common practice to tee the line off of the kitchen sink's water line. This way if you ever need to turn off the water supply to the ice maker, you can easily access the shut off valve right under your kitchen sink. The two easiest options for installing the supply line are to run the flexible piping behind the base cabinets(or within the void in the underlying cabinet risers) or to run the line through the kitchen floor under the sink, and then back up through the floor behind the refrigerator. The best route for your water supply line is going to depend on your kitchen's cabinet layout and underlying floor structure of your house.

As plumbing projects go, water line installation is fairly straight forward. That being said, I have seen more water damage caused by broken ice maker water lines, which were faulty or installed incorrectly, than almost any other plumbing problem. So if you do not have any plumbing experience, I would recommend hiring a licensed plumber to do the work for you. A modest plumbing bill is well worth the piece of mind that you get when you don't have to worry about coming home to a leaking water line and a house filled with water.

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