How Do I Install Radiant Floor Heating with PEX Piping?

Answered by Brett ~ June 25, 2011 ~ Comments

How can I install in-floor heat with PEX piping on an existing cement slab on grade?

Jake C. ~ Minneapolis, MN

Brett Kulina

Jake, one way to install a radiant floor heat system over an existing cement slab is to use a prefabricated radiant panel, such as those manufactured by Warm Board. These insulated floor panels can be installed over an approved vapor barrier and attached directly to your home's concrete slab. The surfaces of the radiant panels have grooves routed into them, into which the PEX piping is installed. The great thing about this type of product is that you have several options when deciding which type of finished flooring to install over the radiant panel. In most cases you can install hardwood, carpet, tile, or even sheet goods and laminates over the radiant panel system.

When designing your radiant heat system, you would be wise to consult a HVAC contractor who has experience with radiant heat systems. When these systems are sized correctly and installed properly they can provide heat to your home in a very comfortable and efficient way. If this type of heat system is not sized or installed right, then they can be real headaches. Radiant heat systems can be expensive, especially when compared to a traditional forced air furnace, but the added comfort of warm floors to your house can certainly be worth the cost. Good luck with it!

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