What is an inexpensive way to update my small kitchen?

Answered by Brett Kulina ~ November 5, 2012 ~ No Comments

Although I can't afford to redo everything, I would like my kitchen to look different. I don't need the latest and greatest dream kitchen, but it needs some updating. What areas of the kitchen should I change, should I do the work myself? thanks.

Melissa T. - Burlington, VT

Brett Kulina

Remodeling your home's kitchen can be a sure fire way to breath new life into your home's humdrum interior, but keep in mind that with all the tempting upgrades and options available, you should spend your remodeling dollars wisely to stay within your budget. Fortunately there are a few tricks to keeping remodeling costs down, while still getting the kitchen makeover that you dream of.

If your outdated kitchen is like most, then your cabinetry and counter tops are probably ready for an upgrade. If new kitchen cabinets are out of your price range, then you might consider repainting or refacing your existing cabinetry. Professional cabinet refacers can actually install new laminate surfaces over your existing cabinet boxes and doors, giving them an entirely new aesthetic. An even easier and less expensive way to rejuvenate your existing kitchen cabinets is to cover them with a few coats of fresh paint and then add some brand new door knobs and drawer pulls.

Although painting your kitchen cabinets can be a DIY-friendly home improvement, installing new kitchen counter tops is a task that should probably be left to the pros. When consulting a counter top fabricator, make sure to ask about any discounted material remnants that may be available for your specific needs.

You may also consider purchasing new appliances for your home's kitchen. New appliances are a quick and easy way to give your kitchen an entirely new look, and today's models have more features and options than ever before, not to mention that Energy-Star rated kitchen appliances are more energy-efficient than most older models. When comparing prices of new appliances at your local home improvement warehouse, make sure to ask about any discontinued models or overstock items that may be on sale.

A few other simple ways to upgrade your kitchen without breaking your remodeling budget is to add some new drawer dividers and shelving to your cabinetry, or consider installing a decorative tile back-splash above your new counter tops. Changing out an existing lighting fixture for a new one or adding some under-cabinet lighting are two additional ways to help upgrade your old kitchen without spending a fortune.

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