In Need of Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Answered by Jeffrey ~ December 4, 2009 ~ Comments

I recently purchased a loft-style condo is a trendy section of the city. The previous owners went with a traditional decorating theme in the kitchen that hardly matches the excitement of living in this part of town. Do you have any modern kitchen design ideas that won't break the bank.

Isabella R. ~ Denver, Colorado

Jeffrey Anderson

Modern Kitchen Design IdeasThere are experts in all fields, and if you are looking for modern kitchen design ideas, you should look through magazines or on kitchen design Web sites. You might also talk to an interior designer, or to a kitchen designer, to get some very good ideas on how to create a modern look for a low cost.

Many people are now painting their existing cabinets. This can create an appealing modern look, when combined with stainless steel appliances.. You might try painting your cabinets white and going with a black and white ceramic or vinyl floor. A black Formica countertop would not add too much expense, or if your budget allows , black granite can be nice.

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